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Dean Smith, ey?

Say, have you and Julie ever had the hankering to go track down the birth parents, a la Ben Stiller in Flirting with Disaster? What if you found out it was THE Dean Smith? Or Hurricane Smith of "O Babe, What Would You Say?" singing (sorta) fame?


Great stuff, Bob. After seeing some of the items on the list, I can somehow see you telling these stories somewhere in the time we worked together. With the Barry Whitney shrine on the bookshelf behind you, munching on a bag of salty snacks from the old REI snack drawer, you'd tell some great stories and of course a few Simpson's quotes. Ahh the memories.


I think a few of those "Things About Me" posting have to be updated. Have you seen your sock drawer lately?? Must be driving the ADD part of your brain insane. Socks everywhere, not sorted, not in their color schemes, oh the humanity.


I can see that we have two things in common.
First, The Lord of the Rings, which I have now read five times, would also be a book I would take to a desert island.
Second, (to the everlasting annoyance of my parents) I can find a Simpsons quote for everything. Most of the time when it is completely unrelated and not needed.
One of the books you listed reminded me of one.
Bart: Now is the winter of our discontent.
Ralph: Ah! Run.
I wonder if anyone can guess what episode that's from.

Library Cat

I was pleased to see "My Favorite Year" was one of your favorite movies. That is a great movie, very underrated. I remember my sister taking me to see it in the theater; she always had excellent taste in movies.

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